Yeelight YLXD41YL LED Ceiling Light AC220V 28W 320mm Upgraded Version

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• Yeelight YLXD41YL LED Ceiling Light supports voice control and wireless remote control. It can be used with HomeKit and Yeelight APP to control the light. The built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module can remotely control the status of the light anytime and anywhere.
• Yeelight YLXD41YL LED Ceiling Light is beautiful and concise, elegant and luxurious, with good light uniformity, soft light, comfortable and bright. It is installed directly on the roof, and it is suitable for overall lighting, usually used in bedrooms and living rooms.
• High-grade copper shrapnel on the all-aluminum base and the well-designed lamp beads arrangement can provide uniform lighting. 
• The use of high-quality aluminum-based lamp panels improves the heat dissipation efficiency and ensures the service life of Yeelight YLXD41YL LED Ceiling Light, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
• Energy-saving and low power consumption, compared with traditional lamps, it can save 60%-80% of electricity.
• No ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution, low loss, low energy consumption, green and environmental protection.
• Moonlight mode, ultra-low brightness. It's also great for accompanying children or girls who sleep alone and eliminate their fear of darkness.
• Sunlight patterns, light, and dark changes can be adjusted at will.
• Color temperature and brightness can be adjusted freely, and the adjustable color temperature range is suitable for different lighting environments.
• Multiple control modes, wall switch, remote control, mobile APP, AI speaker. Support HomeKit and Yeelight APP to realize smart device linkage.
• Yeelight YLXD41YL is linked with the Mi Band, which will automatically turn off the light when you fall asleep.
• Dust-proof seal design and luminous cavity anti-mosquito design prevent dust and flying insects from entering the interior of the lamp.
• Yeelight YLXD41YL LED Ceiling Light is easy and flexible to install, with a quick installation module, coupler power mode, and quick junction box, and the installation can be completed in 5 minutes.

Brand: Yeelight
Material: ABS & aluminum
Input: AC 220V,50/60Hz
Input powers: 28W
Light source: 240pcs leds
Luminous flux: 0-1800lm
Color temperature: 2700-6500k
Light color: natural white, warm white, white
Color rendering index: Ra95
Applicable area: 15 square meter
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi BLE MTK7697
Control mode: voice control, mobile phone App, remote control, wall switch
Remote control: 1 * 3V / 200mAh CR2032 (including)
Yeelight APP name: Yeelight APP
Download mode: scan QR code of instruction to download
Lifespan: 25000h
Product weight: 1940kg / 4.28lb
Package weight: 2240kg / 4.94lb
Product size: 320 * 320 * 73 mm / 12.6 * 12.6 * 2.87in
Package size: 360 * 360 * 90mm / 14.17 * 14.17 * 3.54in

Packing List:
1 * Yeelight YLXD41YL LED Ceiling Light
1 * Remote Control
1 * Chinese Manual
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