About Us


Homgeek is a young brand specializing in the production and sale of global kitchen products. We have a young, dynamic, and experienced team and have been committed to the development of kitchen supplies for many years. We have professional talents to solve customer problems and continue to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our products. We continue to break the boundaries and bring high-end products all over the world.


Homgeek is dedicated to your home, providing products that bring your family together. Meat grinders, coffee makers, grinders, gooseneck kettles, juicers, slow presses, egg steamers, toasters, garlic presses, and other quality products. We specialize in kitchen products and have been constantly expanding our product range.


Homgeek always thinks that the customer is supreme. We have always followed one principle: to provide consumers with the most comfortable and high-quality products that everyone can afford, which is appreciated by millions of users worldwide. As a leading supplier of household appliances in North America and Europe, we strive to bring practical products into your home, to provide a comfortable and healthy way of life for you.